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Award-winning, 5-star Ex-MOE teachers.
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Our teachers

Mr Wynn Khoo - Ex-MOE Sec Physics specialist
Mr. Wynn Khoo
(Sec Physics Specialist)
Mr Ryan Ma - JC Physics Specialist
Mr Calvin Lim - JC Chemistry Specialist
Mr. Ryan Ma
(JC Physics Specialist)
Mr. Calvin Lim
(JC Chemistry Specialist)
​Summary of our tutors' background
  • PSC scholar (Overseas)
  • 1st Class Honours
  • Recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Recipient of Lee Kwan Yew Gold Medal
  • Recipient of F Stanley Kipping Scholarship, the Wagstaff Prize and the Forth Prize
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education 
  • MOE curriculum planning officer
  • Author of Physics Assessment Books
  • Coached more than 800 students from Top JCs, Integrated Programme and Secondary Schools 
  • Featured in The Straits Times, The New Paper (Smart Learning) and My paper
  • Guest speaker at Suntec Convention Centre for the Popular Bookfest  
  • Certified by International Baccalaureate Organization in IB Online Professional Development workshop

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Detailed explanations are given to understand the key concepts effectively.

Class 2019
Class 2019
Spacious & conducive learning environment
Spacious & conducive learning environment
Guidance by award-winning tutor
Guidance by award-winning tutor
Excellent performance of our past student
Excellent performance of our past student

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Purpose Driven, Passionate Delivery

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Designed for O Level / IP / A Level students.

kind words from past students

" The worksheets have sharpened my answering techniques and exposed me to more question types. Mr Khoo let us practice more exam-style questions while my school teacher uses a self-directed learning approach when teaching. I like that interesting questions that are also challenging are printed for us to try."

—  Yong Khee Hou, Hwa Chong Institution

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Physics tuition | 5-star reviews from parents and students

Our publications

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Premium Physics Summary Notes & Assessment books that will enhance your understanding and accelerate improvements. 
✔️ Cover popular questions in recent years
✔️ Summary notes & full-worked solutions
✔️ Adopted by various schools in Singapore
✔️ Widely used by school teachers and other private tutors
✔️ Available at Popular Bookstore & CPD Online Bookstore
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help & guidance

Our tutors possess high qualifications and outstanding  achievements in the education industry. We will be able to help you tackle complex questions  efficiently by simplifying difficult concepts and ideas for you.

You never know Physics can be so easy. Join us and overcome your anxiety for your examination.

High quality

study materials

We craft, curate, and update our notes and worksheets in accordance with the school curriculum.


Physics concepts are presented via creative methods, such as graphics, mind maps and abbreviations that enable students to remember each concept easily.

We take pride in preparing high quality lesson material just like a top chef will use the freshest ingredients for every meal to satisfy the palate of his customers.  

Engaging & conducive


Our tutors possess affable and approachable personalities that help to build trust and relationships with students, ensuring each of them gets maximum value in the journey of academic success. 

We provide a comfortable classroom atmosphere that is not crowded. Our tutors promote safe questioning and engage in interactive teaching to induce enthusiasm in the students as they clarify their doubts and discover new knowledge. 

reasonable fees

We offer reasonably priced lessons by top Physics tutors in the industry.

A quality education should weigh more.


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