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Mr Hendra - Chemistry Specialist in Singapore
Mr. David Chah
Tutors' background
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry with Minor in Entrepreneurship, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
  • Specialist in H2 & H1 Chemistry, Integrated Programme (IP), Secondary 3 & 4 ‘O’ Levels Pure Chemistry and Science (Chemistry)
  • A caring, friendly, and undoubtedly patient chemistry tutor who coached more than 300 students from Top JCs, IP and Secondary Schools such as RJC, HCI, VJC, Raffles Girls’ School, RI, NUS High School, Nanyang Girls’ High School, etc.
  • 87% and 90% of students achieved A/B in ‘A’ and ‘O’ Level Chemistry Examinations respectively
  • National Champion in Chemistry Olympiad
  • Winner of Prestigious Gold Medal Award and Best Theory Award in Chemistry Olympiad
  • Subject Expert in Organic Synthesis, Organometallic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry

  • Featured in multiple Televisions, Newspapers, and Magazines for Academic Excellence and Leadership Achievements

  • Foster an engaging, positive & nurturing environment for cognitive development
  • Ensures maximum high-quality attention for each student
  • Customized educational approach towards each student’s strengths, needs, and learning style

kind words from past students

“Hendra is a very friendly and patient Chemisty tutor who would explain the difficult concepts to me clearly when I am in doubt. Initially, chemistry appeared to be very daunting as it was very different from what I had studied before in the past. Furthermore, the fast-paced lectures in school and the hectic JC lifestyle made it even more difficult for me to keep up with the subject. However, upon joining Hendra’s lessons, chemistry became a much easier subject. He was able to break down the difficult concepts which makes it easier for students to understand. Hendra is also very helpful and would answer my questions outside of lesson through whatsapp. Thanks to him, I was able to consistently score A for both my school exams and the A levels.”

—  Keefe KKX Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)

Achieved A for A-level Chemistry

“I’ve always thought of Chemistry as a complex subject especially when sec 4 topics came around. Mr. Hendra has helped me not only understand the subject but master the answering techniques required to obtain a distinction. His material is not only well compiled and organised but helps immensely with revision :”)”

—  J Lee MA, Anglo-Chinese School

Achieved A1 for O-level Chemistry

— Chelsea Y, Clementi Town Secondary

Achieved A2 for O-level Chemistry

“Hendra is a kind and patient chemistry tutor that has helped me made huge improvements in my chemistry grades. He is knowledgeable and never fails to clear my doubts. His explanations are also clear and concise to understand. The resources that he provides for example, worksheets, have allowed me to practice and work on my doubts. I had only joined his tuition a few months prior to the O levels examination, but I was well prepared to face the chemistry exam with his guidance.“

“Hendra is a very knowledgeable and patient tutor. He explains in a way that is easy to understand and clear, and this has helped me see vast improvement in my chemistry grades. He never fails to answer my questions, and under his guidance, I managed to develop a desire to learn more of the subject. I used to have difficulty understanding and learning chemistry, but found this to be a lot easier after joining his classes. Thanks to him, I was able to score consistently good grades in my both internal exams and A levels.”

—  Fang KX, National Junior College (NJC)

Achieved A for A-level Chemistry

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schedule (2021)

Sec 3


Thursday 4.15pm - 6.15pm 

Location: Bishan

Sec 4


Thursday 7.00pm - 9.00pm 

Location: Bishan

Fees (per 4 lessons)

Sec 3: $280

Sec 4: $320

JC 1 : $360

JC 2 : $400


Chemistry Tuition at SG Physics | Ex-MOE | Sec & JC level
Chemistry Tuition at SG Physics | Ex-MOE | Sec & JC level
Chemistry Tuition at SG Physics | Ex-MOE | Sec & JC level
Chemistry Tuition at SG Physics | Ex-MOE | Sec & JC level

Clear explanations and undivided attention will be given to the students.

what do we offer


help & guidance

Mr Hendra possesses high qualifications and outstanding  achievements in the education industry. He will be able to help you tackle complex questions  efficiently by simplifying difficult concepts and ideas for you.

Chemistry can be easy and fun.

Join us and overcome your anxiety for your examination.

High quality

study materials

All notes and worksheets will be curated and updated in accordance with the latest school curriculum.


Chemistry theories will be presented via creative methods, such as graphics, mind maps and abbreviations that enable students to remember each concept easily.

Engaging & conducive


Mr Hendra's affable and approachable personalities have helped to build trust and rapport with his students, ensuring each of them gets maximum value in the journey of academic success. 

Safe questioning and interactive teaching is promoted under a safe and conducive learning environment, in order to induce enthusiasm that helps to clarify students' doubts and discover new knowledge. 

reasonable fees

A quality education should weigh more.


Our reasonably priced Chemistry lessons will be conducted by Mr Hendra and you'll get more than what you paid for by joining the programme. 

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