Physics tuition by Ex-MOE teacher for Sec 3, Sec 4, JC 2 students

Tailored for Sec 3, Sec 4 & JC 2

students in Year 2021

Gear up for the upcoming Physics challenges! 

With this Physics Crash Course, we will make your holiday a fruitful one.

Conquer Physics by joining our intensive lessons during this school holiday season. You'll be able to ace the subject by relearning, and strengthen your foundation through our professional guidance before the start of the new school term.

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Headstart for Sec 3

Curated for Sec 3 students in 2021

Sign up for 6 lessons at once to waive off $50 registration fee! 

(2 Headstart lessons + 4 lessons in January 2021)


sec 4 crash course

jc 2 crash course

Enhance your understanding towards Physics by revising all the important topics from Sec 3. This is tailored for soon-to-be Sec 4 students next year. 

Overcome tough topics like simple harmonics and strengthen your foundation before you start the hectic year in 2021. Suitable for soon-to-be JC 2 students.

Get prepared for the re-exam or supplementary paper by signing up for JC2 Crash Course.

This programme is suitable for all Sec, JCs, SCGS, HCI, NYGH, MGS, RGS, RI, ACS (I) & other IP school students or Pure Physics Students.

Profile of our tutors

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Mr. Wynn Khoo
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Mr. Cornelius Chew
  • PSC scholar
  • NDP Award winner
  • Recipient of Lee Kwan Yew Gold Medal 
  • Recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physics - First Class Honours
  • Featured in The Straits Times, The New Paper (Smart Learning) and My paper 
  • Ex-MOE teachers from Hwa Chong Institution, Victoria JC & National JC
  • Author of Physics Assessment Books

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Physics tuition, crash course at Bukit Timah
Physics tuition, crash course at Bishan
Physics tuition | 5-star reviews from parents and students
Physics tuition | 5-star reviews from parents and students

crash course schedules

SG Physics Year-End Holiday Crash Course for Sec 3 students | Nov & Dec 2020
SG Physics Year-End Holiday Crash Course for JC 2 students | Nov & Dec 2020

Why are we different from the rest?


Exclusive Study Material

Premium notes & worksheets will be catered for students' needs to develop deeper understanding on Physics concepts, from fundamental

to the advance level.


Experienced Tutors

Our former MOE teachers will be here to guide and simplify complex Physics explanations, expedite the revision and save students' time for other productive activities.


On-site / Online Lessons

Enjoy the freedom of choosing your learning spot by attending our physical classes or online classes at the comfort of your home.


Ask and Learn

Interactive and engaging classes that spark discussions between the teachers and the students. Unlike conventional classes, we foster a lively learning atmosphere, allowing students to gain a better grasp of this subject.

Register & experience the difference this holiday

Limited slots available for the Holiday Crash Course. Sign up early to grab your seat!

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