Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics June Holiday Revision 2022

physics, chemistry, mathematics

holiday revision 2022

Week 1 - 4 of June 2022

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tutors' profiles

Mr Wynn Khoo - O Level _ IP Physics Specialist
Mr. Wynn Khoo
(Sec Physics Specialist)
Mr Ryan Ma - A Level H1_H2 Physics Specialist
Mr. Ryan Ma
(JC Physics Specialist)
Mr John Lee - O Level _ IP Physics Specialist
Mr. John Lee
(Sec Physics Specialist)
Mr Quek Wee Tong - A Level H1_H2 Physics Specialist from HCI
Mr. Quek Wee Tong
(JC Physics Specialist)
Mr Terence Ong - A Level Chemistry Specialist
Mr. Terence Ong
(JC Chemistry Specialist)
Mr Jayden Lee - A Level H1/H2 Mathematics Specialist
Mr. Jayden Lee
(JC Math Specialist)
  • PSC Scholar
  • Former HCJC, RJC Lecturers 
  • President Research Scholar (NTU)
  • MOE Lead Teacher (Physics) & Senior Teacher (Physics)
  • MOE HOD Science (JC/Sec)
  • MOE Curriculum Planning Development Division Officer
  • National “Most Caring Teacher” Double Award Recipient (2014 & 2020)
  • Recipient of the MOE Outstanding Contribution Award

  • Recipient of Lee Kwan Yew Gold Medal
  • Recipient of "Best Teaching Practice Award" for numerous years
  • MOE Postgraduate Scholar (Master of Education - Curriculum & Teaching)
  • Commended by NIE for Outstanding Teacher Mentorship
  • Author of O-level Physics Assessment Books, established Chemistry Author (EPH)
  • Featured in The Straits Times, The New Paper (Smart Learning) and My paper

  • Guest speaker at Suntec Convention Centre for the Popular Bookfest  
  • Proven track record of helping students in achieving distinctions

holiday programme schedule

SG Physics (Chemistry and Maths) | Holiday Revision Courses in June 2022 by Top-rated Ex-M

Topics to cover

  • Measurements

  • Kinematics

  • Dynamics

  • Work, Energy, Power

  • Turning effect of forces

SG Physics (Chemistry and Maths) _ Holiday Revision Courses in June 2022
SG Physics (Chemistry and Maths) _ Holiday Revision Courses in June 2022

Topics to cover

  • Measurements

  • Work, Energy, Power

  • Kinematics

  • Dynamics

  • Forces

  • Circular Motion 

  • Gravitational Field

SG Physics (Chemistry and Maths) | Holiday Revision Courses in June 2022 by Top-rated Ex-M
SG Physics (Chemistry and Maths) | Holiday Revision Courses in June 2022 by Top-rated Ex-M

Topics to cover

  • Electricity / Electromagnetism

  • Measurements

  • Work, Energy, Power

  • Kinematics

  • Dynamics

  • Forces

  • Gravitational Field

  • Waves

  • Thermal Physics

  • Circular Motion 

  • Quantum Physics

SG Physics (Chemistry and Maths) | Holiday Revision Courses in June 2022
SG Physics (Chemistry and Maths) | Holiday Revision Courses in June 2022 by Top-rated Ex-M

Topics to cover

  • Mole Concept and Chemical Calculations

  • Acids and Bases

  • Salts

Topics to cover

  • Mole concept

  • Atomic Structure

  • Gas Law

Topics to cover

  • Functions

  • Vectors

  • Summation MOD

  • Graphing Techniques

  • Inequalities

  • Differentiation

Topics to cover

  • PnC

  • Complex Numbers

  • Probability

  • DRV 

  • Binomial Distribution

  • Normal Distribution

reviews from parents & students

Positive reviews for Mr Jayden Lee

Parent of a HCI student

"Mr Terence is an extremely patient and understanding tutor. He is open to queries and does his very best to give detailed explanations for any queries raised. He gives a little background history on the different chemical processes and relates them to real world applications, making lessons fun and engaging. He also provides numerous tricks and techniques to help tackle challenging and novel questions. His teaching style and methods are effective. My daughter’s chemistry grade made a 4 grade jump in the short span of time. I am confident that one would benefit tremendously under his tutelage."

Student from NJC

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a wonderful teacher! You have been really patient with us and made Chemistry an enjoyable lesson.

Student from RJC

Thanks for constantly nagging at us because it really pushed me to study harder for Chemistry! Your knowledge of Chemistry is really good and your teaching helped me understand the concepts even better. 

Inshirah (MIJC)

Mr Ryan is knowledgeable in JC Physics and he is enthusiastic while conducting the lessons. He points out the important parts of every topic clearly before explaining the details and that gives me an overall idea of what the chapter is about. His lessons and the practices given have improved my understanding towards the topics and really helped me a lot. Thank you Mr Ryan.

Christina (NYJC)

The JC Physics lessons are interesting, engaging and fun as Mr Ryan explains each concept clearly by showing us clips of real life examples.  His approach really helped me to understand the misconceptions I have. 

Tasneem (RJC)

Despite only joining for two lessons so far, I think the class is helpful as it allows me to understand Physics better. Mr Ryan explains more in detail and with real life examples which is much more helpful than my school teacher.

Teena (YIJC)

I have made some progress in the subject since I joined the class. The lessons are engaging and I felt the difference in teaching style compared to my school teacher. Thanks Mr Ryan for the amazing teaching!

Qian Yu (EJC)

I was once a student who scored below the average, but I've made improvement when I started joining Mr Ryan's lessons. His interesting weekly lessons with detailed explanation helped me to build my confidence in solving difficult questions. 

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics June Holiday Revision 2022

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