Accelerated Physics Revision Programme for 2019 Year 4 Students 


Did not do well for your mid year exams. Required to take a re-exam for IP students? Worried about the upcoming 'O' level / IP exams? Fret not, you can strengthen your Physics this June Holiday with the Intensive Holiday Booster Programme!

(Suitable for SCGS, HCI, NYGH, MGS, RGS, ACS (I) & other IP school students OR Pure Physics Students!)

Class content:

  1. Analysis of problem areas for individual student's end of year exam paper - This will help the student and tutor understand the problem areas for each student and strengthen these areas accordingly.

  2. Revision of Sec 3 and 4 Topics - Strengthening student's understanding of these topics to ensure that they regain their confidence in the subject.  

  3. Practice of other school examination papers to increase students' exposure to challenging questions and ability to answer questions with varying difficulties.


Revision Schedule:

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

3, 10, 17 and 24 June (Mon) - 10.00 am

8, 15, 22 and 29 June (Sat) - 9.00 am

Bishan Central

4, 11, 18 and 25 June (Tue) - 2.30 pm

9, 16, 23 and 30 June (Sun) - 9.00 am

Physics Booster Programme for 2019 Year 3 Students 


Did not do well for your Mid Year Exams and do not want to fall behind further? Join our June Booster holiday programme now! 

Class content:

  • Introduction to Physics - This will allow students to understand what Physics is about and how is this subject relevant to their daily life. 

  • Teaching of Sec 3 topics e.g. Physical Quantities and Measurements, Kinematics, Forces, Moments, Work, Energy and Power etc to allow students to gain a headstart ahead of their peers. 

  • Practice using other school exam papers to maximise student's exposure to different variation of questions.  

Revision Schedule:

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

3, 10, 17 and 24 June (Mon) - 10.00 am

6, 13, 20 and 27 June (Thurs) - 4.00 pm

Bishan Central

4, 11, 18 and 25 June (Tue) - 2.30 pm

7, 14, 21 and 28 June (Fri) - 5.15 pm

Why Choose Mr Wynn Khoo as your Physics Tutor?

  1. Credibility

    • Being an ex-MOE teacher differentiates Mr Wynn Khoo from many other tutors​. Mr Wynn Khoo graduated with Honors from NTU and was also trained by NIE to teach Physics and he understands the syllabus for both IP and O levels well.

    • Mr Wynn Khoo also keeps himself abreast of the updates in syllabus and the occasional disclosure from Cambridge to MOE teachers. 

    • He is also the current author of a Physics Assessment Book and is working on other books to benefit more students. 

  2. Ability

    • Mr Wynn Khoo is able to deliver the lesson in a concise and easy to understand manner to help our 15 and 16 years old students understand Physics concepts that leaves many baffled. 

    • He has the ability to engage students using real life examples to make the lessons interesting and meaningful. It helps the students see Physics as a useful and meaningful subject rather than one that requires them to memorise in order to score a good grade for exams. 

  3. Personality

    • Mr Wynn Khoo is sincere, committed and patient. 

    • Having taught in a school setting, he understands the common difficulties that students faces for the subject. 

    • He will try his best to know his students personally as a person and he gives his all to help them and not leave any one behind. 


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