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Physics Syllabus (Adapted from Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board)

The physics tuition will be conducted in accordance to the Physics Syllabus. 


3.      Dynamics



•      Balanced and unbalanced forces


•      Free-body diagram


•          Friction Learning Outcomes  Candidates should be able to:

(a)   apply Newton's Laws to:

(i)    describe the effect of balanced and unbalanced forces on a body

(ii)   describe the ways in which a force may change the motion of a body

(iii)  identify action-reaction pairs acting on two interacting bodies

(stating of Newton's Laws is not required)


(b)   identify forces acting on an object and draw free body diagram(s) representing the forces acting on the object (for cases involving forces acting in at most 2 dimensions)


(c)   solve problems for a static point mass under the action of 3 forces for 2-dimensional cases (a graphical method would suffice)


(d)   recall and apply the relationship resultant force = mass × acceleration to new situations or to solve related problems


(e)   explain the effects of friction on the motion of a body



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