Y3 & Y4 Physics Specialist- Mr Wynn Khoo

Mr Wynn Khoo graduated from the NTU with a 2nd Class Upper Honours Bachelor Degree before joining MOE with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE, Physics). He specialises in Physics as part of his NIE training.  

He was an ex-MOE teacher who has been teaching Physics and helping students for more than 10 years. His experience in MOE and tutoring over the years has equipped him with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to help students ace their Physics 'O' Levels and Integrated-Programme Examination.
What differentiates Mr Wynn Khoo from the other tutors is his ability to connect with students. He has a knack in making complicated concepts easily understandable and his personal touch and delivery of the lessons makes Physics an enjoyable subject.
He teaches all the classes personally and he will often extend his timing or stay back to help the weaker students to catch up without additional charges to ensure that all of them get the deserved attention.
Over the years, he has taught many IP students from HCI, NYGH, MGS, NJC, RGS, SCGS & ACS(I). Through the experience, he is familiar with each school's syllabus and pace which allows him to cater to the needs of each student. 
His resources and contacts also allows him to gather the latest Physics school examination papers to ensure that his students has the advantage of getting additional exposure and practice with the most up-to-date Physics questions from various schools. 
Mr Khoo is a Ten-Year Series author and has also written a Physics assessment book. He is also working on a few other Physics books to be published to help weaker students cope with Physics using his comprehensive notes and practices. 
Recently, Mr Wynn Khoo was also invited to the Suntec Convention Centre Popular Bookfest to share about the differences between O/IP and A levels, giving advice to students and parents on excelling in A levels. 

J1 & J2 Physics Specialist

Mr Cornelius Chew

A PSC Scholar and experienced JC Physics lecturer, Mr Chew is a passionate and dedicated teacher who was presented with the National Day Award in 2013 for outstanding services rendered.


A former Physics and IT Subject Head, Mr Chew has frequently been invited by MOE Curriculum Planning Department to review the GCE 'A' level syllabus. He was involved in the latest 2016 Physics Syllabus change and provided ways and suggestions to best implement them. He also introduced Blended Teaching into E-learning programs and chaired a pilot project on Problem-based Learning in the JC Curriculum.

After obtaining a degree in Physics and Applied Physics from the National University of Singapore (NUS) as well as a Post-graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)  from the National Institute of Education (NIE), Mr Chew taught Physics and Project Work for many years.

He has attended many courses, seminars and workshops on Modern Physics by National Institute of Education (NIE), the Teaching of H3 Physics from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Creative Problem-solving in Teaching Physics (NUS), Argumentation Method of Teaching Physics (NIE), Lasers and Semi­ conductors (NTU) as well as Theoretical Physics (Perimeter Institute, a Canadian Leading Research Institute for Physics).

He had also attended an Examiner's Markers course by former University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES) Chief examiner Robert Hutchings, the Cambridge School Practical Assessment course by Chief Examiner Dr Mike Crundell after the completion of a Mathematical Quantitative Methods course  by Heriot Watts University in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Mr Chew had also collaborated with many National Institute of Education (NIE) lecturers on mentoring NIE interns as well as with the Academy of Singapore Teacher's Principal Master Teacher Dr Charles Chew on Educational research and the evaluation of NIE Trainees' classroom teaching performances.

He had published 'O' & 'A' levels Experiments Manuals and Teachers' Guides for Data Loggers which were translated into Inquiry-Based Learning guides for international students in Taiwan and Israel. Mr Chew is not resting on his laurel, he is now editing a soon to be published guidebook on tackling qualitative questions in 'A' levels Physics using Examiners' keywords.

Mr Chew has a forte in clear teaching with understanding, humorous use of authentic real-life examples, concept maps, memory tips, problem-solving techniques and comprehensive thinking frameworks, to help make the learning of Physics almost effortless, meaningful and interesting.

Mr Ma

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics with First Class Honours, Mr Ma is a teacher with years of experience in teaching JC Physics. Moreover, he has also taught at various institutes of higher learning, such as SUTD and SIT, helping fresh undergraduates tide over their first year Physics courses.


He has rich experience guiding uncountable JC students from various institutions and is capable of imparting strong knowledge and catering effective learning methods for his students. His energetic and approachable personalities have made his lessons interesting, highly engaging and fun.

Mr David Chah

With 17 years of teaching at a few junior colleges and 10 years experience of mentoring JC Physics students in tuition classes, Mr. David Chah is well known to generate guaranteed results for the students.

He is able to explain abstract physics concepts by breaking them down and making reference to animation and real life examples. Besides, he utilizes different audio-visual teaching aids to make the sessions more interesting such as YouTube videos, animated diagrams and Powerpoints.

His calm and composed personalities enabled him to build closer ties with his students, attracted and retained many students in his existing lessons.

Physics tuition by Ex-MOE Teacher



We always strive to achieve 3 things in our lessons. 


1. Interest

2. Clarity

3. Positive learning environment




Igniting the interest of the students in a subject is extremely important. A student who is interested will be self-motivated and driven. This can be achieved by allowing them to taste small successes during the Physics lessons. The incremental successes will lead to a greater sense of satisfaction when they are able to solve Physics problems independently. 




Ensuring clarity in my delivery of the lessons is my second focus. In my small group or one-to-one tuition, students would be able to get my full attention and they will also have the opportunity to clear any lingering doubts that they may have regarding any topics.


Lessons are normally conducted in two segments. Firstly, I would go through the Physics concepts in a topic and provide real-life examples or analogies to illustrate the idea fully. This will help to ensure that the students are able to relate to what they have learnt, and hence able to apply the Physics concepts in future questions when the given scenario differs.


The second segment will focus on exposing the students to different variations of Physics questions that may come out for the topic by practising papers taken from the question bank. All questions would be aligned to the Physics examination requirement. 



Learning takes place best in an active and not passive environment. I aim to create a positive learning environment by building a strong rapport with my students. In a safe environment, students would feel more at ease to raise questions and doubts, without the fear of being judged. Students would also gain more from the interactions and improves on their cognitive learning. 

Physics tutor Mr Wynn Khoo
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