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Ensuring clarity in our delivery of the lessons is one of the priorities. In a small group or one-to-one tuition setting, our students would be able to get full attention from our teachers and they will also have the opportunity to clear any lingering doubts that they may have.

Lessons are normally conducted in two segments. Firstly, our teachers would go through the Physics concepts in a topic and provide real-life examples or analogies to illustrate the idea fully. This ensures that our students are able to relate to and apply the learnt concepts in future questions when the given scenario differs.


The second segment will focus on exposing the students to different variations of questions that may potentially come out for the topic. All questions would be aligned to the examination requirement.



Igniting the interest of the students in a subject is extremely important. A student who is interested will be self-motivated and driven. This can be achieved by allowing them to taste small successes during the Physics lessons. The incremental successes will lead to a greater sense of satisfaction when they are able to solve Physics problems independently. 


SG Physics - Award winning O Level and A Level Physics Tuition in Singapore



Learning takes place best in an active and not passive environment. We aim to create a positive learning environment by building a strong rapport with our students. In a safe environment, students would feel more at ease to raise questions and doubts, without the fear of being judged. Students would also gain more from the interactions and improves on their cognitive learning. 

SG Physics - Award winning O Level and A Level Physics Tuition in Singapore


Wee Tong
Mr Quek Wee Tong - A Level H1_H2 JC Phys

Mr Quek Wee Tong - JC / IB Physics Specialist

Having taught as a JC Physics Lecturer at Hwa Chong Institution for 13 years, Mr Quek is equipped with immense experience in the syllabus, and also the ability to help students ace the subject. He graduated with NUS Bachelor's Degree in Physics, was a MOE Teaching Scholar and attained the Post-graduate Diploma in Education. 


His ability to demonstrate an exemplary character, initiative, integrity, altruism, empathy and other humanistic qualities has earned him the national “Most Caring Teacher” Award, not once but twice, in 2014 and 2020. Few teachers in the nation had achieved this feat. Besides, Mr Quek is also the recipient of the "Best Teaching Practice Award" for multiple years. He is motivational, friendly and passionate in helping JC students to manage their life and studies better. 

Mr Quek lives and breathes Physics since young. He could understand the pain points and challenges that every student is facing at their individual phase. Over the years of teaching JC Physics in one of the top institutions, he is an expert in unleashing the maximum potential within his students. His impressive track records earned trust from parents and students as 80% of his past students achieved A for H2 Physics under his guidance. 


John Low
Mr John Low.jpg

Mr John Low - JC Physics Specialist

An esteemed former Ministry of Education (MOE) teacher, Mr John Low has spent years imparting knowledge and igniting passion for Physics. He taught Higher 1 (H1) and Higher 2 (H2) Physics at St. Andrew's Junior College until 2021. His tenure at St. Andrew's Junior College allowed him to provide students with the foundational knowledge needed for advanced studies.


Mr Low's journey to becoming an exemplary Physics educator began with a significant achievement — a Bachelor of Science degree with First Class Honors in Physics from the University of New South Wales, Australia, made possible through a government scholarship. This academic distinction not only exemplifies his deep understanding of physics but also equips him with the knowledge and expertise to guide his students to excellence.


In addition to his role as an MOE teacher, Mr. Low has been providing Physics tuition to students from renowned institutions such as Raffles Institution (JC Section) and Eunoia Junior College. His expertise and dedication have guided students at the Junior College level, helping them achieve academic success in the challenging field of Physics.


Mr. John Low's commitment to education, underpinned by his academic excellence and extensive teaching experience, sets him apart as a dedicated Physics educator. His journey exemplifies his passion for Physics and his profound impact on the students he has taught, inspiring them to achieve their full potential.

Loh Zhi Hui

Ms Loh Zhi Hui - JC / Sec Chemistry Specialist

Ms Loh Zhi Hui, a distinguished JC & Sec Chem Specialist, brings a wealth of expertise and passion for Chemistry education. With over a decade of teaching, including roles at National Junior College (NJC) and NUS High School, she adeptly navigates various curricula like GCE O Levels, GCE A Levels, IB, IGCSE, and Cambridge International A Levels.


A recipient of the ASEAN scholarship in both Secondary school and Junior College, Ms Loh's commitment to academic excellence continued with the MOE Teacher Award during her university years. These accolades underscore her dedication to both her studies and the art of teaching. Her leadership roles at NJC, including positions such as the H1 and H3 Chemistry Level Coordinator, along with her position as the Nanyang Research Coordinator (NRP), also showcase her commitment to guiding students.


Ms Loh's adaptive teaching approach is evident in seamlessly tailoring her methods for courses of varying durations. Innovative and efficient, she practices a "Marie Kondo" style of teaching, by delving straight into essential content and expertly compartmentalizes questions. This approach allows students to understand concepts and familiarize themselves with diverse question types, hence enhancing their ability to tackle integrated questions with ease and confidence. Ms Loh also stays abreast of the latest exam trends, particularly in data response questions, a recent emphasis in examinations. This ensures her students are well-prepared for evolving assessments.

Ms Loh Zhi Hui is not just a teacher but a mentor, instilling not only knowledge but also the skills and confidence needed for success in the dynamic field of Chemistry. Her commitment, leadership, and innovative teaching approaches make her an invaluable asset to education, shaping the future of aspiring chemists.

Julian Kay

Mr Julian Kay - JC Chemistry Specialist

An award-winning Chemistry tutor, Mr Julian Kay graduated at the top of his cohort from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Master of Science in Chemistry. He further distinguished himself by attaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) (Junior College) with Distinction at the National Institute of Education (NIE).


Mr Kay’s teaching career commenced at Hwa Chong Institution (JC Section). Recognised for his expertise, dedication, and exemplary care for his students, he was conferred the Most Caring Teacher Award in 2017. Additionally, Mr Kay has also taught IP Chemistry at Raffles Girls' School, further solidifying his reputation as a premier educator in the field of Chemistry.


As a specialist in Chemistry of over a decade, Mr Kay has tutored more than 100 students across different educational systems, including A-Level, O-Level, IP, and IB. He possesses extensive familiarity with the latest syllabus and examination formats. Remarkably, nearly all of Mr Kay's ex-students, after consistent tutelage for at least 6 months, achieved outstanding grades in their respective Chemistry examinations, including A and B grades in A-Level H2 Chemistry, A1 and A2 grades in O-Level Chemistry, and 7 points in IB HL Chemistry. Several of his former students have pursued Medicine at NUS, underscoring his dedication to helping students realise their university aspirations.


Mr Kay firmly believes in helping students appreciate Chemistry as a way of thinking rather than just a body of facts. He employs various teaching strategies tailored to the diverse needs of his students, including stretch assignments for high-achieving students and confidence-building activities for those needing extra support. Many students have affirmed, through thank you messages and cards, that Mr Kay is the most inspiring Chemistry tutor and one who has helped them to rekindle their joy and passion for learning Chemistry.


Mr Charles Ho - JC Mathematics Specialist 

Mr Charles Ho was a PSC Teaching Scholarship holder and graduated from NUS with a Bachelor Degree majoring in Mathematics. He subsequently attended Teacher Training course at NIE obtaining a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE, Mathematics). Mr Charles has taught at renowned schools like Raffles Junior College. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from NUS.


Mr Charles Ho has more than 18 years of JC Mathematics tutoring experience. An avid fan of Mathematics, Mr Charles Ho has excelled in the subject since his early school days at Raffles Institution. He possesses a strong passion in teaching Mathematics and derives great satisfactions from guiding students to enjoy and do well in Mathematics.


On his teaching philosophy, Mr Charles Ho’s conviction is that being able to empathize with the learner cognitive process is most essential for effective teaching-learning collaboration. 


On JC H2 Mathematics, Mr Charles Ho believes:

(i)  improvement of few grades is readily conceivable & achievable, given the digital scoring nature of Mathematics subject

(ii)  rote learning is suboptimal for achieving good grades for JC H2 Mathematics


Mr Charles Ho advocates that a highly effective way for students to do well at H2 Mathematics is to guide students to enjoy (by understanding concepts) and build confidence (by practicing and being able to do various questions) for the subject. His dedicated efforts in teaching Mathematics has helped many borderline students improved and achieved A grade for the subject.

Sng Tat Ming
Mr Sng Tat Ming.jpg

Mr Sng Tat Ming is a distinguished Mathematics educator with over 19 years of teaching experience, dedicated to shaping the minds of future generations. He has significantly contributed to the field of education during his tenure at Temasek Junior College, nurturing young talents in Mathematics.


Mr Sng's commitment to academic excellence is showcased through his multifaceted contributions to Mathematics education. As an invited author for prestigious school textbooks, including the Additional Mathematics 360 textbook series, he has significantly influenced the academic landscape. Beyond these achievements, Mr Sng's authorship of best-selling H2 Mathematics guidebooks and the Cambridge IGCSE Additional Mathematics Examination Book further enriches the educational experience for students both locally and internationally. His exceptional dedication to enhancing Mathematics education continues to inspire academic excellence.


Mr Sng's academic journey includes a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Computer Engineering (Honours) from the National University of Singapore. He furthered his knowledge with a Master of Science degree from Nanyang Technological University and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) with Merit from the National Institute of Education (NIE), enhancing his pedagogical expertise. He has also been awarded with the Outstanding Educator Award for International Advanced Level IAL (2019) from Pearson.


Mr Sng Tat Ming's passion for teaching and contributions to the development of educational resources continue to inspire and shape the mathematical minds of students, preparing them for a successful future.

Mr Sng Tat Ming - JC Mathematics Specialist

Mr John Lee - O Level Sec 3 _ 4 _ IP Physics Specialist

Mr John Lee - Sec 3/4/IP Physics & Math Specialist

Teaching Physics and Mathematics have been Mr John Lee’s passion for the past 18 years and he continues to derive immense satisfaction after each lesson when students leave the class with a better understanding and appreciation of each subject. He is a MOE and NIE-trained teacher who was awarded the MOE Postgraduate Scholarship. His stellar career achievements include attaining the Master of Education (Curriculum & Teaching), being appointed as a MOE Lead teacher and Senior teacher for Physics and Additional Mathematics, and he was also commended by NIE for Outstanding Teacher Mentorship when he was a mentor to the junior teachers. In recognition for his outstanding contributions and dedicated services to MOE, Mr John was conferred the National Day Commendation Medal.

​Being the recipient of MOE's Outstanding Contribution Award is also a clear testament of Mr John's capability to give top-notch guidance to his students. He consistently instils value-added knowledge and has a track record of producing a high distinction rate for all his past students at GCE O Level Physics and Mathematics Examinations. 

On top of the above accomplishments, Mr John is also a National Level and School Level “Caring Teacher Award" recipient for numerous years. He firmly believes that "every student can learn and achieve success in their studies” and he knows that all students have the potential to attain their academic goals. 

To ensure every student is catching up with the lessons, Mr John would customize teaching strategies to suit diverse learners. He makes sure each student could get a thorough understanding of the Physics and Mathematics concepts and gradually build their confidence in solving challenging questions.

His belief has driven his enthusiasm in teaching. He is not only a compassionate, motivational teacher with great qualities, he is also capable of engaging and inspiring students with different levels of abilities to excel in Physics and Mathematics. He helps students in academic as well as personal development, and he aims to bring the best out of each student. 

Mr Wynn Khoo - O Level Sec 3 / 4 / IP Physics Specialist

Mr Wynn Khoo - Sec 3/4/IP Physics Specialist

Mr Wynn Khoo graduated from the NTU with a 2nd Class Upper Honours Bachelor Degree before joining MOE with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE, Physics). He specialises in Physics as part of his NIE training.  

He was an ex-MOE teacher who has been teaching Physics and helping students for more than 10 years. His experience in MOE and tutoring over the years has equipped him with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to help students ace their Physics 'O' Levels and Integrated-Programme Examination.
What differentiates Mr Wynn Khoo from the other tutors is his ability to connect with students. He has a knack in making complicated concepts easily understandable and his personal touch and delivery of the lessons makes Physics an enjoyable subject.
He will often extend his timing or stay back to help the weaker students to catch up without additional charges to ensure that all of them get the deserved attention.

Over the years, he has taught many IP students from HCI, NYGH, MGS, NJC, RGS, SCGS & ACS(I). Through the experience, he is familiar with each school's syllabus and pace which allows him to cater to the needs of different students. 

His resources and contacts also allows him to gather the latest Physics school examination papers to ensure that his students has the advantage of getting additional exposure and practice with the most up-to-date Physics questions from various schools. 

Mr Khoo is a Ten-Year Series author and has also written a Physics assessment book. He is also working on a few other Physics books to be published to help weaker students cope with Physics using his comprehensive notes and practices. 
Recently, Mr Wynn Khoo was also invited to the Suntec Convention Centre Popular Bookfest to share about the differences between O/IP and A levels, giving advice to students and parents on excelling in A levels. 
Serene Soh

Ms Serene Soh - Sec 3/4/IP Physics Specialist 

Ms. Serene Soh is a seasoned educator with an unwavering commitment to nurturing young physicists and leading them to academic success. Her profound academic background and extensive teaching experience have solidified her as a dedicated advocate for the field of Physics. In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Ms. Soh received the Most Caring Teacher Award in 2019. Additionally, her commitment to innovation and academic excellence was acknowledged with the Outstanding Contribution Award in 2009 and 2013 for her roles in the Innovation and Enterprise Committee and Secondary 5 High Value-Added Performance, respectively.


Armed with a Bachelor's Degree (Honours) in Electrical Engineering and a Specialist Advanced Diploma in teaching Physics, Ms. Soh's academic journey reflects a profound understanding of the fundamental principles that underpin the study of Physics. This robust foundation equips her with the knowledge and expertise to impart to her students. With an impressive 19 years of teaching Physics, she has fine-tuned her teaching skills to cater to the diverse learning styles of her students. Her authentic desire to see students excel academically is evident in her confident, enthusiastic, and skillful teaching methods.


Beyond the classroom, Ms. Soh's dedication extends to identifying and keeping pace with the latest trends in Physics assessment. This forward-thinking approach ensures her students are consistently well-prepared for evolving examination formats and requirements, positioning her as an invaluable resource for her students.


Ms. Serene Soh's journey as an educator is marked by her profound subject knowledge, unwavering commitment to student success, and innovative teaching methods. Her passion for Physics, coupled with her dedication to her students, serves as a guiding force that empowers aspiring physicists to reach their academic goals.


Mr Paul Cheong - Sec 3/4/IP Physics Specialist 

Physics has been the passion of Mr Paul Cheong. Having graduated from NUS with a degree in Physics & Applied Physics, he has been teaching Physics for more than 20 years. He has taught IP & O Level Physics for the past 15 years at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS), and is also a member of the Physics curriculum planning team at SCGS. Aside from this, Mr Paul Cheong also holds an MBA (Hons) from Oklahoma City University and obtained his Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Physics/Mathematics) from Auckland College of Education (NZ).


Mr Cheong is versatile at handling students of different abilities and was nominated by SCGS for the President’s Award for Teachers in 2015 and 2019. He has also been jointly awarded the ‘Caring Teacher Award’ by NIE / NTU. His past students have gone on to become successful lawyers, doctors, managers and entrepreneurs


Mr Cheong is a strong advocate of holistic education and infuses his lessons with humour. He believes that learning should be enjoyable. His enthusiasm is evident in his teaching style. Prior to teaching, he has accumulated vast experience in other industries which enables him to bring real-life application of the concepts into his lessons. He is able to competently guide students in the subject, as well as teach strategies for approaching questions, improving memory and understanding.

A dedicated teacher, he avails himself to help his students whenever they have queries or difficulty in understanding concepts, by making himself contactable and providing extra notes or exercises where required. Mr Cheong also believes in giving back to society and previously volunteered as a mentor with the Singapore Boys’ Home.

Lynn Chia

Ms Lynn Lim - Sec 3/4/IP Chemistry Specialist 

With an impressive 20 years of experience in teaching Chemistry, Ms Lynn has established herself as a highly skilled educator. She has taught at renowned IP schools such as Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution (High School). Her expertise lies in effectively guiding students to achieve stellar results in the subject.


Ms Lynn graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Hon) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). She was a recipient of the MOE Teaching Award and attained the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). Ms Lynn's dedication and excellence in teaching have been recognized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and her peers. She was awarded the Merit Award for her outstanding performance during her PGDE training. Additionally, she received the Most Caring Teacher Award from 2009 to 2011, showcasing her commitment to fostering a nurturing and supportive learning environment for her students.


In addition to her school teaching, Ms Lynn has been providing tuition since 1997. Her extensive experience in personalized instruction outside the classroom has allowed her to further fine-tune her teaching methodologies and cater to individual student needs. Students praised her ability to explain complex concepts clearly, her patience in addressing their doubts, and her passion for the subject. Many expressed their gratitude for her unwavering support and guidance, which greatly contributed to their academic success.


Beyond her teaching profession, Ms Lynn is a self-professed Winnie-the-Pooh fan. She draws inspiration from a favorite quote by Winnie-the-Pooh: "You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." This quote reflects Ms Lynn's belief in the untapped potential of her students and her commitment to empowering them to discover their own capabilities.

Ethan Lim
SG Physics, Chemistry, Math Mr Lim Seow Yi.jpg

Mr Ethan Lim - JC / Sec Chemistry Specialist 

With a teaching career spanning more than 12 years (and counting), Mr Ethan Lim is a distinguished educator who has left an enduring impact on the field of Chemistry education. He has imparted his knowledge and expertise at several prestigious institutions, including Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles Girls' School, accumulating a wealth of teaching experience.


Mr Lim's commitment to holistic education and student development is evident in his numerous accolades and achievements. He was honoured with the Caring Teacher Award in 2016, recognizing his compassionate and student-centered teaching approach. His dedication extends beyond the classroom as he has mentored student councils, facilitated cross-institutional collaborations, and coached student teams to championship positions in local and national Chemistry competitions, demonstrating exceptional leadership and commitment.


Mr Lim has proactively created supportive learning environments, emphasizing academic excellence and character development. In 2019, Mr Lim guided his students to five gold medals in the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad. His involvement extended to various aspects of school life, serving as Vice-Chairman of the Staff-Welfare committee and Teacher-in-Charge of the Basketball Team.


Mr Ethan Lim's extensive teaching experience, unwavering dedication to student success, and his profound impact in nurturing young minds leave a lasting legacy of excellence, mentorship, and a firm belief in the potential of every student.

Crystal Peh

Ms Crystal Peh - Sec 3/4/IP Chemistry Specialist 

Ms. Crystal Peh is an accomplished educator with a distinguished career in the field of Chemistry education. With an Masters in Life Sciences specializing in Chemistry and an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Life Sciences, Ms. Peh possesses profound subject knowledge and expertise.


Ms. Peh's career at Hwa Chong Institution included roles as Education Consultant (Research), Senior Consultant (Chemistry and Research), Principal Consultant (Research), and Lead Teacher (Chemistry and Research), allowing her to make a lasting impact on both students and the institution.


As a dedicated educator, Ms. Peh played a pivotal role in the Science and Math Talent Programme (SMTP) at Hwa Chong Institution. Under her mentorship, numerous groups of students have excelled in national and international science fairs, clinching top awards in competitions such as the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair, Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, and International Spellman High Voltage Clean Tech Competition.


Her contributions to Chemistry education garnered her prestigious awards. These include the Ang Kok Peng Memorial Scholarship (Professional Advancement in Chemistry Teaching Scheme), the Cluster Innovation Award by W6 Cluster, the Outstanding Educator Award by Hwa Chong Institution, and the Outstanding Science Educator (Research Mentor) by Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (Ministry of Education).


Ms. Crystal Peh's educational journey is defined by her dedication, expertise, and exceptional teaching methods. Her passion for chemistry and her students' remarkable achievements underscores her impact on the world of chemistry education.

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