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Sec 3 Head start (for current Sec 2 students) & Sec 3 Revision Holiday Programmes
in Nov and Dec 2021! 

chemistry specialists

Mr Calvin Lim - Chemistry Specialist

Mr Calvin Lim

(A Level Chemistry Specialist)

(on sabbatical)

  • PSC (Overseas) Scholar 
  • First Class Honours (Bachelor of Science)
  • Recipient of F Stanley Kipping Scholarship, the Wagstaff Prize and the Forth Prize
  • Ministry of Education A-Level Chemistry curriculum planning officer
  • Head of Science Department
Mr Sarvar - A Level Chemistry Specialist | J1 and J2 H2 Chemistry Tutor

Mr Sarvar


(A Level Chemistry Specialist)

  • Current MOE instructor for Chemistry Olympiad
  • International Chemistry Olympiad medal holder
  • Professional member of SNIC (Singapore National Institute of Chemistry)
  • Obtained Bachelor's Degree - Chemical Biomolecular Engineering from NTU
  • Well-versed with the syllabus and exam requirements
  • Excellent track record: 4 grade jump in the short span of 2 months

Ms Lynn

(O/IP Level Chemistry Specialist)

  • Taught in Hwa Chong Institution (High School)
  • Taught in Raffles Institution
  • 18 years of teaching in top IP schools
  • Recipient of MOE Teaching Award
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Hon)
  • PDGE (NIE)

kind words from past students

Thank you for the guidance you've given to us for the past few months! You are a great teacher and will always do. :)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a wonderful teacher! You have been really patient with us and made Chemistry an enjoyable lesson.

"Mr Sarvar is an extremely patient and understanding tutor. He is open to queries and does his very best to give detailed explanations for any queries raised. He gives a little background history on the different chemical processes and relates them to real world applications, making lessons fun and engaging. He also provides numerous tricks and techniques to help tackle challenging and novel questions. His teaching style and methods are effective. My daughter’s chemistry grade made a 4 grade jump in the short span of 2 months. I am confident that one would benefit tremendously under his tutelage."

 - Mrs Koh, mother of HCI student

Thanks for constantly nagging at us because it really pushed me to study harder for Chemistry! Your knowledge on Chemistry is really good and your teaching helped me understand the concepts even better. 

Thanks for being a very helpful teacher. I think you're the best teacher I have met so far!

On behalf of all your past, present and future students, thank you for putting up with all our nonsense and for trying your hardest to be patient with us and for teaching us. Thank you, Mr Calvin.

Thank you for always putting your 100% in teaching us and ensuring we understand from the inside out. Your efforts are very much appreciated! 


holiday programme 2021

SG Physics | Sec 3 Chemistry Headstart Holiday Revision Programme for current Sec 2 studen
SG Chemistry Sec 3 Chemistry Holiday Revision Programme


  • Atomic Structure

  • Chemical Bonding

  • Acids, Bases and Salts

  • Mole Concept

  • Chemical Calculations

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schedule (2022)

Chemistry Timetable for Year 2022

Sec 3
Sunday 9.00am-11.00am (Bishan)

Sec 4
Monday 7.00pm-9.00pm (Bishan)
Sunday 11.15am-1.15pm (Bishan)


SG Chemistry O Level & A Level Chemistry Tuition Schedule 2022

Tuition fee (per lesson)

Sec 3  : $70  ($65 Online)

Sec 4  : $80  ($75 Online) 

JC 1   : $90   ($85 Online)

JC 2   : $100 ($95 Online)

prepare for the future

Purpose Driven, Passionate Delivery

Re-learn, master the important topics and get ready for the new Chemistry content

by joining our Headstart or Revision programme.

Our differentiating factors


help & guidance

Our tutors possess high qualifications and outstanding  achievements in the education industry. They will be able to help you tackle complex questions  efficiently by simplifying difficult concepts and ideas for you.

Chemistry can be easy and fun.

Join us and overcome your anxiety for your examination.

High quality

study materials

All notes and worksheets will be curated and updated in accordance with the latest school curriculum.


Chemistry theories will be presented via creative methods, such as graphics, mind maps and abbreviations that enable students to remember each concept easily.

Engaging & conducive


Our tutors' affable and approachable personalities have helped to build trust and rapport with his students, ensuring each of them gets maximum value in the journey of academic success. 

Safe questioning and interactive teaching is promoted under a safe and conducive learning environment, in order to induce enthusiasm that helps to clarify students' doubts and discover new knowledge. 

reasonable fees

A quality education should weigh more.


Our reasonably priced Chemistry lessons will help you to learn more than what you paid for by joining the programme. 

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