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Physics Syllabus (Adapted from Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board)

The physics tuition will be conducted in accordance to the Physics Syllabus. 


2.    Kinematics



•    Speed, velocity and acceleration


•    Graphical analysis of motion


•    Free-fall


•          Effect of air resistance Learning  Outcomes Candidates should be able to:

(a)   state what is meant by speed and velocity


(b)   calculate average speed using distance travelled / time taken


(c)   state what is meant by uniform acceleration and calculate the value of an acceleration using change in velocity / time taken


(d)   interpret given examples of non-uniform acceleration


(e)   plot and interpret a displacement-time graph and a velocity-time graph


(f)    deduce from the shape of a displacement-time graph when a body is:

(i)       at rest

(ii)   moving with uniform velocity

(iii)  moving with non-uniform velocity


(g)   deduce from the shape of a velocity-time graph when a body is:

(i)       at rest

(ii)   moving with uniform velocity

(iii)  moving with uniform acceleration

(iv)  moving with non-uniform acceleration


(h)   calculate the area under a velocity-time graph to determine the displacement travelled for motion with uniform velocity or uniform acceleration


(i)    state that the acceleration of free fall for a body near to the Earth is constant and is approximately 10 m / s2


(j)    describe the motion of bodies with constant weight falling with or without air resistance, including reference to terminal velocity




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