Ensuring clarity in our delivery of the lessons is one of the priorities. In a small group or one-to-one tuition setting, our students would be able to get full attention from our teachers and they will also have the opportunity to clear any lingering doubts that they may have.

Lessons are normally conducted in two segments. Firstly, our teachers would go through the Physics concepts in a topic and provide real-life examples or analogies to illustrate the idea fully. This ensures that our students are able to relate to and apply the learnt concepts in future questions when the given scenario differs.


The second segment will focus on exposing the students to different variations of questions that may potentially come out for the topic. All questions would be aligned to the examination requirement.



Learning takes place best in an active and not passive environment. We aim to create a positive learning environment by building a strong rapport with our students. In a safe environment, students would feel more at ease to raise questions and doubts, without the fear of being judged. Students would also gain more from the interactions and improves on their cognitive learning. 



Igniting the interest of the students in a subject is extremely important. A student who is interested will be self-motivated and driven. This can be achieved by allowing them to taste small successes during the Physics lessons. The incremental successes will lead to a greater sense of satisfaction when they are able to solve Physics problems independently. 



Sec 3 & Sec 4 Physics Specialist - Mr Wynn Khoo

Mr Wynn Khoo graduated from the NTU with a 2nd Class Upper Honours Bachelor Degree before joining MOE with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE, Physics). He specialises in Physics as part of his NIE training.  

He was an ex-MOE teacher who has been teaching Physics and helping students for more than 10 years. His experience in MOE and tutoring over the years has equipped him with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to help students ace their Physics 'O' Levels and Integrated-Programme Examination.
What differentiates Mr Wynn Khoo from the other tutors is his ability to connect with students. He has a knack in making complicated concepts easily understandable and his personal touch and delivery of the lessons makes Physics an enjoyable subject.
He teaches all the classes personally and he will often extend his timing or stay back to help the weaker students to catch up without additional charges to ensure that all of them get the deserved attention.
Physics tuition by Ex-MOE Teacher

Over the years, he has taught many IP students from HCI, NYGH, MGS, NJC, RGS, SCGS & ACS(I). Through the experience, he is familiar with each school's syllabus and pace which allows him to cater to the needs of each student. 

His resources and contacts also allows him to gather the latest Physics school examination papers to ensure that his students has the advantage of getting additional exposure and practice with the most up-to-date Physics questions from various schools. 
Mr Khoo is a Ten-Year Series author and has also written a Physics assessment book. He is also working on a few other Physics books to be published to help weaker students cope with Physics using his comprehensive notes and practices. 
Recently, Mr Wynn Khoo was also invited to the Suntec Convention Centre Popular Bookfest to share about the differences between O/IP and A levels, giving advice to students and parents on excelling in A levels. 

JC1 & JC2 Physics Specialist - Mr Ryan Ma

Being a recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal as the top student of his university cohort and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics (First Class Honours) from NTU, Mr Ryan Ma is a specialist with years of experience in teaching JC1 and JC2 Physics. 

Over the years, he coached uncountable students from HCI, RI, ACJC, VJC, MJC, TJC, DHS, SAJC etc. He has also taught at various institutes of higher learning, such as SUTD and SIT, helping undergraduates tide over their first year Physics courses.

His teaching is trusted by all parents and students because of his ability to produce good results for his students, with more than 85% averaging either an A or B. In addition, a large number of his students have successfully scored distinction with his guidance.

Mr Ryan Ma is capable of imparting strong knowledge and adopt effective learning methods for his students. He will always introduce the key concepts of every chapter before diving deeper into the syllabus. He is also able to breakdown difficult concepts to easy-to-understand pieces to help students tackle tough questions. This strategy has proven to be effective in ensuring the students are able to understand the topics better and score well for their examinations. 

Mr Ryan Ma | JC Physics Specialist | Ex-MOE

His enthusiasm, lucid teaching and delivery allows him to capture his students' attention throughout the lesson. He is also capable of making the lessons more relatable by discussing real life examples with his students, and his methodology helps to increase the retention of knowledge after class. 

His open-minded and energetic personalities also gives him a cutting edge at building closer ties and rapport with all of his students and these characteristics help to shape his lessons to be highly engaging.

Sec & JC Chemistry Specialist - Mr Calvin Lim

Mr Calvin is a PSC (Overseas) Scholar who graduated with First Class Honours for his degree - Bachelor of Science from University of Nottingham (UK). He was also the recipient of F Stanley Kipping Scholarship, the Wagstaff Prize and the Forth Prize. Mr Calvin Lim is one of the elite teachers for Chemistry.


He was in the Ministry of Education as a Curriculum Planning Officer and is responsible in designing curriculum, ensuring effective knowledge delivery through enhancing pedagogy and coordinating teaching practices. His experience as the Head of Science Department in multiple schools has also proved invaluable in leading our students to the path of academic success. 

Mr Calvin Lim is an educator who is deeply interested in expanding the students’ scope of understanding (beyond content), into skills and understandings towards science literacy that prepares them for the future.


He has a wealth of experience in curricular design and various teaching & pedagogical strategies, including instructional practices such as Team-Based Learning (TBL), Problem-based learning (PBL) and Understanding by Design (UbD). He is able to engage learners in active and collaborative learning through various technological platforms and tools such as through the use of online learning environment, or the use of tablets (and relevant apps) for teaching and engagement in the classroom.


With his strong credential and capability, Mr Calvin Lim is definitely the right man to help you ace the subject and score your distinction.

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