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physics, chemistry & Mathematics
March holiday Crash course 2024

FoR Upper Sec & JC Students

Build & strengthen your foundation by getting help from our experienced ex-MOE teachers.

Limited slots available.

Grab yours today!

SG Physics Tutor

Revising for Sec & JC Physics, Chemistry & Math?

With our March Holiday Crash Courses, you will be able to ace Sec 3, Sec 4 and JC 2 Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics by relearning, and strengthen your foundation through our professional guidance as well as our specially curated notes before the start of the new school term.

Our specialists are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to clear your doubts. 

Conquer Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics by joining our crash courses on-site or online lessons during this March holiday break! 


tutors' profiles

Mr Paul Cheong
(Sec Physics
Serene Soh circle.png
Ms Serene Soh
(Sec Physics
Crystal Peh Circle.png
Ms Crystal Peh
(Sec Chemistry
Loh Zhi Hui circle.png
Ms Loh Zhi Hui
(JC / Sec Chemistry
Mr Sng Tat Ming circle.png
Mr Sng Tat Ming
(JC Math
  • PSC Scholar
  • Former SCGS, HCI Teacher
  • Former NJC, TJC Lecturers 
  • President Research Scholar (NTU)
  • MOE HOD Science (JC/Sec)
  • MOE Curriculum Planning Development Division Officer
  • National “Most Caring Teacher” Double Award Recipient (2014 & 2020)
  • Nominated for President’s Award for Teachers (2015 & 2019)
  • Recipient of the MOE Outstanding Contribution Award

  • Recipient of "Best Teaching Practice Award" for numerous years
  • MOE Postgraduate Scholar (Master of Education - Curriculum & Teaching)
  • Proven track record of helping students in achieving distinctions
  • Recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award for International Advanced Level IAL (2019) from Pearson
  • Invited Author for Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Levels Ten Year Series Solutions for H1 and H2 Mathematics (2014 - 2023)
  • Invited author for Additional Mathematics 360° Additional Mathematics textbook series for GCE O-level by Marshall Cavendish and Ministry of Education (prescribed textbook in mainstream schools)


March crash course schedule

SG Physics, Chemistry, Math S3 Phy Mar Hol Schedule.png
SG Physics, Chemistry, Math S3 Chem Mar Hol Schedule.png

Topics to cover

  • Kinematics

  • Dynamics (Forces)

Topics to cover

  • Experimental Chemistry

  • Kinetic Particle Theory

  • Atomic Structure 

Sec 3 Physics Course fees

Onsite: $225

Online: $210

(for the whole 2-Day course)

*GST applicable.

Sec 3 Chemistry Course fees

Onsite: $187.50

Online: $175

(for the whole 2-Day course)

*GST applicable.


Topics to cover

  • Circuits

  • Static Electricity

Sec 4 Physics Course fees

Onsite: $240

(for the whole 2-Day course)

*GST applicable.

Topics to cover

  • Electrolysis

  • Qualitative Analysis

Sec 4 Chemistry Course fees

Onsite: $240

Online: $225

(for the whole 2-Day course)

*GST applicable.

SG Physics, Chemistry, Math J1 Math Mar Hol Schedule.png

Topics to cover

  • Graphing Techniques & Transformations

JC 1 Math

Course fees

Onsite: $150

Online: $142.50

*GST applicable.

SG Physics, Chemistry, Math J2 Math Mar Hol Schedule.png

Topics to cover

  • Sequences and Series

  • Functions

JC 2 Math

Course fees

Onsite: $315

Online: $300

(for the whole 2-Day course)

*GST applicable.

perks - free summary notes

Sec 3 Physics Summary Notes
JC Physics Summary Notes
Sec 3 Physics Summary Notes
SG Chemistry | JC Chemistry Summary Note
SG Chemistry | Secondary Chemistry Summary Note

reviews from parents & students

Ni Xia (SCGS)

Hi Mr Cheong, thank you for teaching me Physics. You are a dedicated and excellent teacher. You always make sure evryone understands what is taught by explaining properly. I also appreciate how fun your lessons were!

Shu Hao (JYSS)

The teachers are really helpful and explain the chapters very well. My Chemistry grades improved from C5 to B3 in half a year and it’s still improving. My Physics went from failing in Sec 3 to being able to get A2 half a year later as well, I believe it is because of the excellent teachers in this tuition centre.

Charlotte (RJC)

I think the teachers here are really dedicated and emphatic, who goes out of their ways to care for our welfare and general well being! They are also really generous in terms of giving us consultations during the holiday breaks, as well as recorded videos for us to catch up on lesson concepts.

Sophie (SCGS)

Mr Cheong, I really enjoyed the funny stories and your explanations of real life applications of Physics during lessons. It made me realise that Physics is important and we reallly use Physics in our everyday life subconsciously. Your teaching helped me understand the little 'magics' in life which are only made possible through Physics!

Student from HCI

Dear teacher, thank you for teaching me. You really helped me get more confident for Math, especially joining in this tuition right after my Block test with a U grade. I just got my A level results and I am happy to share that my H2 Math got A!

Si Hong (SACSS)

I am really happy that I decided to sign up for Chemistry tuition because the Chemistry teacher had really helped me grasp my concepts. With her hard work and expertise, I managed to do well for chemistry Mid-years. Whenever I have any questions, she explains them to me in a way that I can understand and I am very thankful for her.

SG Physics Sep Hol 2023 Banner 2.png

register & experience the difference this March 

Build, grow, and strengthen your Physics, Chemistry,
and Mathematics foundation by re-learning the important topics.

Limited slots available. Sign up early to grab your seat!

why are we different from the rest?


Exclusive Study Material

Premium notes & worksheets will be catered for students' needs to develop deeper understanding on Physics concepts, from fundamental

to the advance level.


Super Tutors

Our former MOE teachers will be here to guide and simplify complex Physics explanations, expedite the revision and save students' time for other productive activities.


On-site / Online Lessons

Enjoy the freedom of choosing your learning spot by attending our physical classes or online classes at the comfort of your home.


Ask and Learn

Interactive and engaging classes that spark discussions between the teachers and the students. Unlike conventional classes, we foster a lively learning atmosphere, allowing students to gain a better grasp of this subject.

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