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Physics Syllabus (Adapted from Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board)

The physics tuition will be conducted in accordance to the Physics Syllabus. 


Chapter 1: Units and Measurement

Chapter 2: Kinematics

Chapter 3: Dynamics

Chapter 4: Mass, Weight and Density

Chapter 5: Moments

Chapter 6: Pressure

Chapter 7: Work, Energy and Power

Chapter 8: Kinetic Model of Matter

Chapter 9: Transfer of Thermal Energy

Chapter 10: Thermometer

Chapter 11: Thermal Properties of Matter

Chapter 12: General Wave Properties

Chapter 13: Light

Chapter 14: Electromagnetic Spectrum

Chapter 15: Sound

Chapter 16: Static Electricity

Chapter 17: Current of Electricity

Chapter 18: D.C. Circuit

Chapter 19: Practical Electricity

Chapter 20: Magnetism

Chapter 21: Electromagnetism

Chapter 22: Electromagnetic Induction

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