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Physics Syllabus (Adapted from Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board)

The physics tuition will be conducted in accordance to the Physics Syllabus. 


4.    Mass, Weight and Density



•      Mass and weight


•      Gravitational field and field strength


•          Density Learning Outcomes  Candidates should be able to:

(a)   state that mass is a measure of the amount of substance in a body


(b)   state that mass of a body resists a change in the state of rest or motion of the body (inertia)


(c)   state that a gravitational field is a region in which a mass experiences a force due to gravitational attraction


(d)   define gravitational field strength, g, as gravitational force per unit mass


(e)   recall and apply the relationship weight = mass × gravitational field strength to new situations or to solve related problems


(f)    distinguish between mass and weight


(g)   recall and apply the relationship density = mass / volume to new situations or to solve related problems



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