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Reviews from some of the Y4 Physics Tuition students:

*Note: All reviews and testimonial are​ verifiable and back up with ACTUAL hardcopies / screenshots. They are not fictional. 

"Mr Khoo's teaching style fits me better which contributed to my improvement in results from B4 to A1. Thank you for being such a great Physics teacher!"

Selene Tan, Nanyang Girls' High (2018)

"Mr Khoo's lessons has helped me build a good foundation for Physics  as I learn the topics before the school starts on it. I have a stronger grasp in Physics now and the lessons are really useful and they really helped with my grades."

Lin Zi Xuan, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)

"The notes provided were very helpful in letting me understand concepts such as Electromagnetic Induction. The worksheets have also sharpened my answering techniques and exposed me to more question types. Mr Khoo let us practice more exam-style questions while my school teacher uses a self-directed learning approach when teaching. I like that interesting questions that are also challenging are printed for us to try."

Yong Khee Hou, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)

"I have made progress in terms of my understanding of concepts as Mr Khoo focuses more on concepts and practise whereas my school just goes through the notes, so I feel that I am quite lost in school and Mr Khoo's lessons helped me. I do very well in quizzes now. I like that we get to recap on concepts and past year topics that I have forgotten. Thank you for being patient and taking time to clear any doubts I have!"

Clarissa Aw Xuan Ting, Nanyang Girls' High (2018)

"I have seen a substantial improvement in my grades from C5 to A2! I am able to communicate my questions for each topic more freely in Mr Khoo's class. In school, my teacher tends to skip concepts that he deems are 'easier' but during tuition, Mr Khoo focuses on every detail."

Joanne Lim, Nanyang Girls' High (2018)

"Thank you Mr Khoo for being so patient and willing to set aside time, even if it is after class to answer my questions. I feel more confident in approaching questions compared to initially when I was intimitated by the mere sight of Physics questions. My school teachers are good at their content, but they do not deliver it in a way that can be understood by students at this age. However, Mr Khoo doesn't use extremely technical terms and explains things in a clear, concise manner that is easy to understand :) "

Tanushaa, Cedar Girls' Sec Sch (2018)

"The constant topical revisions through MCQs and structured questions and revising the notes given has allowed me to better grasp the challenging topics in Physics. I like that I am able to clarify my doubts instantly and the relatively small class size makes lessons extremely conducive for learning."

Matthew Lee, ACS (I) (2018)

"I like that Mr Khoo's lessons are very clear and he goes through everything step by step. I can also clarify my doubts after each lesson so i can understand the subject better. Thanks for helping me pass and get my first A1 for Physics!"

Celeste Lim, River Valley High School (2018)

"My school teacher is very strict and she does not go through our revision papers and expect us to understand by reading the answer key. Mr Khoo is not so scary... and he helps to clarify all my doubts. I like that he explains and find analogies for us to understand the key concepts better. Thanks for being super patient with me and I am finally quite confident for Physics!"

Hannah Teong, River Valley High School (2018)

"I like that Mr Khoo's lesson allows me to be able to clarify my doubts and helps me identify common mistakes. He gives clear explanations and allow students chance to ask questions. He will also explain areas of mistakes and misinformation."

Samuel Cheong, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)

"I like that Mr Khoo would walk around, giving hints when I meet a question that I do not know how to do. My school teacher tend to just show the answers. There will be some school lessons where the topic is new, thus I am not very confident about it. However, most of the time, we would have had a few lessons on the topic at Mr Khoo's class already and so I would feel more confident."

Lionel See, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)

"I am able to answer calculation and explanation questions more accurately now and I understand the concepts more clearly. Now I understand the Physics lessons in school more easily. There is also time after class to clarify doubts and Mr Khoo provides individual help in class."

Ong Yiting, Nan Hua High Sch (2018)

"My school teachers does more class discussion which made me more confused as we were building on each others' answers when we were unclear of the chapter. Mr Khoo uses the students' answers to mark and show us the correct phrasing and terminologies to use and made me more sure of what to write in future. He also helps us personally to address our own misunderstandings."

Chai Ning, School of Science and Technology, Singapore (2018)

"My grades and understanding of the concepts have improved. Mr Khoo has a good approach of going through the notes for the chapter before giving us practices to do and I feel that it helps me to recap on each of the chapters. He also ask us not to be shy in asking questions when we do not know a certain concept which I feel is great as I get to ask whatever I need to clarify. Thank you Mr Khoo for your dedicated teaching and I hope I will do you proud in 'O' Levels!"

Dorcus Tan Zhi En, Christ Church Sec Sch(2018)

"I understand the physics concepts better now and I know how to solve more questions when I am doing Physics exams papers. Mr Khoo's explanation is very clear and I know how to apply the concepts to the questions"

Natasha Lee, Methodist Girls' School (2018)

"Mr Khoo gives all the students a lot of attention and help that they need through the thorough explanation and tips on how to improve and pitfalls to take note. Thank you for guiding me these past 2 years and you have really made Physics much clearer. I pay more attention towards Physics and my love for it also grew. I have a clearer understanding of the topics and Mr Khoo has helped me clear my misconceptions on different topics. I hope that I will not disappoint you and I will try my very best!"

Tee Kaile, Swiss Cottage Sec Sch (2018)

"I feel that I have a greater understanding and appreciation towards the subject now. I like that Mr Khoo would sacrifice his own time to prolong the lesson and ensure that the students learn as much as we can before leaving."

Alix Ray Oh, ACS (Barker) (2018)

Reviews from some of the Y3 Physics Tuition students:

"School teachers usually do not explain much on the topics as they expect us to learn before hand. Mr Khoo explains more in depth and gives a clearer explanation. I like that his lessons are engaging and the notes are detailed. Now I understand what is going on in school."

Marcus Ng, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)

"My overall understanding of Physics has improved and Mr Khoo has better teaching and more practice worksheets that contributed to my improvement."

Christy Chng, Nanyang Girls' High (2018)

"Mr Khoo explains very clearly with examples and he also focuses on frequently asked questions. He explains every questions in the practice papers with lots of details and he is very approachable. He makes sure every student can follow through the lesson."

Lam Jun Harng, Maris Stella High School (2018)

"I like that lessons are very informative but at the same time, I do not feel overwhelmed by all the new things I learn. Thank you for helping me improve in Physics. I used to really dislike the subject, but now, after understanding more, I found a passion for the subject :)"

Muhd Faiz, Hua Yi Sec Sch (2018)

"Mr Khoo teaches me till I understand, and lessons are taught ahead of school and I know what my teacher is teaching now. My grades has also improved! Thank for teaching me :)"

Elise Loke, CHIJ St Theresa's Convent (2018)

"While I do not understand what my school teacher teaches as she teaches too fast and I find it hard to grasp key concepts require to answer questions. I have made progress in Physics through Mr Khoo's class as I am able to understand concepts better and apply in my tests and exams through Mr Khoo's examples and elaborations."

Sanjith, St Joseph's Institution (2018)

"I like Mr Khoo's teaching of the lessons and I feel that every time I go to school for Physics, I can understand what was taught as I have learnt it in Mr Khoo's class already and I know how to solve the questions. I have also gotten an improvement in my grades to A1."

Ryan Quek, St Patrick's School (2018)

"Mr Khoo's lessons are clear and concise. There is an excellent learning environment and the use of appropriate examples to illustrate Physics concepts and I understand the concepts better after each lesson."

Ming Peng, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)

"Mr Khoo uses real life examples and applies Physics concepts to it which allows me to understand Physics more and through this, remembering it also comes naturally. Now I am able to find different ways to solving questions  and I am able to apply the formulas for different concepts. I really enjoy your lessons! :) "

Elise Loke, CHIJ St Theresa's Convent (2018)

"My school teachers is too fast and do not really go in depth, hence there is no chance to clarify my doubts. But in Mr Khoo's class, I can clarify my doubts easily and understand what is going on. I like that there is a lot of practices given and I get to learn more here. Thank you for teaching me and being so patient :)"

Madeline Yap, Crescent Girls' School (2018)

Thank you messages and testimonial from his ex-Physics Tuition students:

Physics tuition testimonial
Physics tuition testimonial
best physics tuition and physics tutor mr wynn khoo
best physics tuition testimonial
Best physics Tutor in Singapore
Best Physics Tuition in Singapore
Good Physics tuition and physics tutor results!
Good Physics tuition and physics tutor results!
Good Physics tuition and physics tutor results!
Good Physics tuition and physics tutor results!
Good Physics tuition and physics tutor results!
Good Physics tuition and physics tutor results!
Good Physics tuition and physics tutor results!
Good Physics tuition and physics tutor results!

Chng Lip Kiam, Hwa Chong Institution


I just got back my Term 3 Test for Physics. I got an A2, 74%! It's a huge improvement from the C6 grade I got in Term 2. Ever since Term 2, I lost interest in Physics, thinking that it is a tedious subject, having to draw 'vector diagrams' that I completely do not understand. However, after attending Mr Khoo's Physics tuition, I gained a passion in Physics! I could understand what was really going on through his detailed teaching and explanations. After just a few lessons, my foundation for Physics greatly improved, resulting in huge leap in grades for my Physics test in Term 3. I benefited greatly, and had major takeaways from Mr Khoo's lesson, attaining both good grades and finding fun in Physics.























    *Lip Kiam is 2nd from the right.


Nick Foo, Hwa Chong Institution 


The Physics tuition are interesting and there are lots of Physics exercises to do. It allows me to practise more and to understand the Physics topics better. My Physics grades have also improved from a F9 at the beginning of Sec 3 to an A2 now for my latest Mid-Year Exams in May 2015. 


Chng Lip Kuang, Hwa Chong Institution 


I can clear all my doubts during the Physics tuition. Also, there is exposure to a wider range of Physics questions which are likely to come out in tests or examinations, hence making it easier to tackle them. In addition, new Physics topics are being taught earlier, which ensure that I have a stronger foundation before learning them in school. 


Joy Poon, Nanyang Girls' School 


You're better than my school teacher because you see if your students understand everything!! :) Mr Khoo goes through the important concepts of the Physics topic first before letting us try the Physics practice questions. It refreshes my memory about the Physics topic and he often asks students to give him the Physics definitions etc, so he knows whether the students are clear about the Physics concepts. 


Luke Loo, Hwa Chong Institution 


I have a better understanding of the Physics concepts after the tuition as well as an improvement in my Physics results. The greater exposure to Physics questions also aid in my learning and helps me sufficiently prepare for school lessons as well as my examinations. 


Natalie Teo, Singapore Chinese Girls' School 


I am able to understand past Physics topics better and I am more aware of the pitfalls and the things to look out for when approaching different Physics questions.


Law Li Zhe, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School 


After Mr Khoo's tuition, I find it easier for me to understand and do the Physics questions. 


Clarissa Tan, Cresent Girls' School 


I feel clearer about the Physics topics covered during our intensive revision lessons because I am exposed to more questions and I can understand the Physics topics better. The pace during the Physics tuition is comfortable. 


Chen Wei, Bukit Panjang Government High School 


I did badly for my Physics during my mid-year examinations in Secondary 3. After that, I lost interest in Physics and my Physics results did not improve in my class tests. I turned to Mr Khoo for help. Mr Khoo teaches by ensuring that I understand the physics concepts instead of forcing us to memorise. This helped me build a strong foundation in physics. I grew to like physics and continued with his tuition till I graduated. I achieved an A1 for my GCE 'O' Level. 


Jane Yap, K.C.P.S.S


“ Mr Khoo, thank you very much for always being patient in helping me clear my doubts over the Physics topics. Thank you for spending more time after the class to explain the physics concepts and to use live examples to help me understand better. With your help, the physics concept became easier to understand and my grades improved greatly from  D7 to A2."

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